Abstract: Now a day 75 % of people or even more than that use Android Operating System in the world. Android Operating System has groundbreaking features like Mobile Hotspots, Calling, Texting, Gaming, WIFI, Bluetooth, etc in such small devices that fit in the palm. In between these revolutionary features, we are going to talk about the main feature which is its battery. Because of Battery, it is portable meaning, it can be carried anywhere and it doesn’t need to be connected continuously to an electric socket like desktops, TVs, etc while using it. But still, it needs to be charged at least once a day. Android Operating System uses a lot of resources which in turn reduces the battery charge too quickly. To tackle this situation much research has been done to optimize the Battery quality of android devices but with a limited supply of energy, the battery can’t withstand android applications for a long-time. There are various ways to enhance power management. One of them is a battery saver application. This application can help the user to reduce power consumption slightly.

Keywords: Smartphone Android Operating System, Battery Saver.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.111134

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