Abstract: With the growing IT infrastructures and technologies such as Internet of Things and Cloud Computing information generated is enormous in amount. As the data is generated in every nanosecond, probably faster than that the data exceeds the boundary often. In order to collect such an enormous amount of data and process it there are a number of techniques tied up under the term big data. As, such data is evolving form every industry namely medical, food, business, education, entertainment and etc., it is put into a severe treatment for the benefit of profits in various means called as analytics. Lot organizations adapt to analytics for processing and utilizing the customary information for various applications. This paper aims at providing a study on challenges in the big data analytics for the extensive usage of various techniques. The work also focuses on technologies involved in analytics based on the need and requirements. The result and analysis presented would help the researchers in choosing the technologies and also to identify the challenges in big data.

Keywords: Big data, Hadoop, Map Reduce, Apache Spark, Storm, Python, R, Tableau

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9217

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