Abstract: It is already true that Big Data has drawn huge attention from researchers in information sciences, policy and decision makers in governments and enterprises. However, there are so much potential and highly useful values hidden in the huge volume of data. A new scientific paradigm is born as Data Intensive Scientific Discovery (DISD), also known as Big Data problems. Whether industrial 4.0 nor Internet industry, for today's industrial manufacturing enterprises, it should be to make full use of information and communication technology to deal with the arrival of smart and effective large data, combining products, machinery and human resources into together, according to the unexpected speed about the mode of sales product, it can change the manufacturing enterprises to process innovation and reform. The objective is to take the automobile manufacturing industry as an example, based on sale car large data analysis, using big data technology. Recent technology innovations, many of which are based on the capture and analysis of big data, are transforming the automotive industry in a pace deemed inconceivable just a short time ago. At the heart of this transformation is the new role of the car itself, and the increasingly sophisticated abilities that “intelligent cars” possess to communicate with individuals, enterprises, and devices around them. Company leaders in the automotive industry clearly recognize that by embracing the concept of big data, they can access a mass of opportunities for differentiation, growth, and innovation that revolutionize the very core of existing business models. In order to unlock this potential, the key challenge is to develop and implement a big data strategy, which is tailored to the capture, analysis, and interpretation of the ever increasing quantities of structured and unstructured data which will be received from drivers, vehicles, and other devices. Only those companies which incorporate a big data strategy in their transformation agendas will be abled to reap the rewards offered by the zeta byte revolution. As the objective suggests, the purpose of this research is to enhance the automotive industry by applying new strategy which analyze the Big Data.
The tools such as Hadoop and Map Reduce algorithm can be applied for achieving the objective.

Keywords:  Big Data, Hadoop, Map Reduce

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.71218

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