Abstract: Big data is an emerging and popular trend in information technology. Operation on data and analysis is usually a remarkable thing which was accustomed keep records and data for future purpose. the majority sectors required data collection and that they perform different operations thereon so this technology accepted by all. As data collected from any wired or wireless media so to stay safe and accurate is that the main role in concern with security. Data stored within the cloud always give flexibility to access from anywhere on any platform. Real time operation are often performed on data through cloud to create digital applications. Big data and cloud computing move to serve input furthermore as output for several applications like education, medical, government, etc. As we see dream of digital India so these two things give more contribution towards it. Maintaining security of information over cloud is required at a high level through security techniques. Maintaining integrity of information could be a key challenge to save lots of sensitive data on cloud. This paper covers all points regarding concept of massive data, analysis, operations, tools for data collections and applications of huge data. It also covers the importance of huge data concept for digital India. This paper also deals with cloud security and techniques accustomed secure data on the cloud.

Keywords: Big Data, Analytics, Cloud, Security, Digital India.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10460

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