Abstract: Education institute are the nursery for the future minds of the nation. Knowledge represents the intangible assets of the education institutes, industries and nations. With development of the information and telecommunication technology activities like commerce, communication, entertainment and learning are occurring on internet. As universities and colleges are started using an online learning platform for providing content to students and started using student management system for better management of the students personal data. Education institute have large amount of student data like basic personal information, attendance, marks, achievements etc. Online learning platform provide an opportunity to capture fine gain data about student online activities like course content he browse, time spent on each unit, post on forum, practice test, sequence of activity will generate large amount of structured and unstructured data. But it is found that educational system are notoriously poor in managing the data and taking advantage of this generated data. There are two research area for Big Data mining in education called educational data mining and learning analytics. Educational data mining is suit for the computational and psychological methods and research approach for the understanding how student learn, predict student future learning behaviour. Learning analytics is becoming defined as an area of research and application and is related to academic analytics actions and predication analytics. Recently waste amount of work has been done in other area like ecommerce portal and increase the click through rate. So now considering opportunities with data generate by the online learning platform we can mine the education data for calculating learner performance interest problem face by the learner knowledge level for different knowledge point. As recently there are lot of research in education data mining and some researcher started treating data in education system as big data problem, we have done survey of various research in education.

Keywords: —Education, Data Mining, Predictive analysis, Big Data, Hadoop, Association Rules.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10135

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