Abstract: Having a lacklustre attendance system or process for employees creates inconsistency in their daily schedule. Employees coming to work a few minutes before the login time may face traffic at the attendance device causing incorrect data records to be registered although they were there well in advance. Organizations have to set up these devices all around the campus making it an expensive investment that may need further servicing throughout its use. Faulty devices will hinder employee login unless immediately fixed. This results in the need for an intelligent process to provide a simplified and flawless daily login for the employees. The absence of a technique capable of dealing with the above-stated complications led to the development of this innovation. This paper presents a novel and efficient technique integrating a smartphone application to simplify biometric login through the fingerprint scanner and a web application for information and a subscription-based package for users. A database stores the user information securely for verification purposes.

Keywords: Android Studio, Smartphone, Fingerprint Scanner, React Js.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10134

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