Abstract: Lakes and water bodies have a huge impact on the local ecosystem and environment. Unfortunately, water bodies today are in very bad state all over the country. In most cases, they have become dumping place for household and industrial waste. In many places, they are also filled with garbage. The result is that water bodies are dying, and this makes the water crisis faced by the communities worse. Water pollution can be attributed to one of four sources sewage discharges, industrial activities, agricultural activities, and urban runoff including storm waters.

Sources of water pollution are either point sources or non-point sources. Point sources have one identifiable cause, such as a storm drain, dumping of industrial waste, sewage treatment facilities, illegal dumping water treatment plan or an oil spill. Non-point sources are more diffuse, such as agricultural runoff. The first step towards water body revival is to survey for the garbage dumped in waterbodies. So, we have come up with a solution to do a survey of plastic waste in the waterbodies using Biomimetic ROV and IoT i.e., raspberry pi, TDS sensor, Turbidity sensor, Ultra-sonic sensor, GPS sensor. Using camera we will detect the plastic bottle, plastic cup, plastic bag through object detection, the data from the sensors are sent to firebase real-time database and that data will be displayed in the website in real-time. This will help us know the amount of garbage in the waterbodies and that data can be used to clean that garbage, which will reduce the water pollution crisis.

Keywords: Water Pollution Crisis, Biomimetic ROV, IoT, Plastic Garbage, Object Detection.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.125152

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