Abstract: In this hi-tech world the main problem that visually impaired people facing is social restrictiveness. They suffer a lot in unknown surroundings without any aid. Visual information is most basic information for some of the tasks, in this area visually impaired people experiencing some difficulties that necessary information is not available for them. With the advanced technology it is possible to give a support for visually impaired people and make the daily tasks easier than before. This project is using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Image and Text Recognition. The idea is implemented through mobile app that focuses on voice assistant, face recognition, obstacle avoidance for path planning. Here we propose a voice operated IPA which can process direct commands to perform menial tasks for the users. By using artificial intelligent and image processing, this smart device is able to detect faces and obstacles. The detection process is manifested by notifying the visually impaired person through a voice notification. Text recognition help those people to read environmental messages, words, letters, daily newspapers, and so on to cope up with the social life. Images will be processed in a wearable smart device, it means, in a light and small processing device. It will be an efficient way to utilize the new facilities and technologies to help visually impaired people to interact with the environment without any external aid.

Keywords: Text Recognition, Image Processing, Face Recognition, IPA, Obstacle Avoidance.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10120

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