Abstract: Technological advances in medicine have significantly decreased affected person's difficulties. One of the main classes of bodily disabilities that result in paralysis is motor neuron disease (MND). An affected person with MND is not able to speak, walk, express feelings, and communicate Due to the weakening of the muscles, the affected person has the best control over the blinking of the eyes, which makes it tough for the affected person, in contrast to an everyday person, to relate to the surroundings and communicate their fundamental desires and the surroundings generally tend to suppress an essential element of their emotions due to the restlessness of the broadcast. A suitable mixture of hardware and software programs should be integrated to obtain a functional solution. This document discussed a portable solution for converting blink sequences to speech. CV library for programming Raspberry Pi 3 A camera detects winking and based on the EAR calculation, the code converts the sequence. The flashes with the corresponding voice output.

Keywords: Motor Neuron Disease, emotionally detached, liaise, Raspberry Pi 3, Raspbian, Open CV, Ear Aspect Ratio, eye blinks, speech.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10476

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