Abstract: These days, instead of using local storage devices, cloud storage is used to store and retrieve data. Cloud storage is based on the internet and provides data that is more dependable, safe, and readily available. Nonetheless, the information is crucial and shouldn't be shared with anyone not authorised. On the cloud, there is a lot of data that needs to be secured against unauthorised access. A variety of algorithms are employed to protect the security and privacy of data. Every system aims to achieve availability, confidentiality, and integrity (CIA). Nevertheless, these CIA features are not offered by the current centralised cloud storage. Decentralized cloud storage and blockchain technology are thus utilised to increase the security of data and storing methods. It efficiently aids in preventing data from being altered or having a portion of it deleted. A chain of blocks connects the data contained in blockchain to one another. Each block has a hash value that is saved in the following block. Consequently, it lessens the likelihood of data alteration. The SHA-3 Hashing algorithm is employed for this.

Keywords: Web 3.0, Blockchain, DApp, SHA 3, Two fish, Ethereum, Decentralization.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/ IJARCCE.2023.12485

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