Abstract: Blockchain developing in the commercial and digital world, and individuals are interested to pick up this technology. It is entering all domains very rapidly. We can’t disagree that blockchain is profitable due to its firm, safe, and distributed platforms. It has an optimistic perspective. Professionals in different domains are applying blockchain. Blockchain creation is nowadays in requirement of dedicated developers of blockchain as new and more assignments are being ongoing in the blockchain platform. Lots of developers shifting their concentration in the direction of blockchain technology.  For S/W developers to move in the blockchain region, they require to have a deep understanding of the languages used for blockchain programming. For mounting blockchain-driven applications and systems, developers use programming languages like Java, Solidity, Rust, JavaScript, Python, C++ and so many. In this research work, we will get to know for blockchain development about the utmost used programming languages i.e. Java. As well as we will get to be acquainted with the advantages, disadvantages, features, and explanations for seeing the Java language in blockchain technology.  Further in this research work, we will display how to get the hash value of any string after that block creation as well as blockchain creation. During this Blockchain creation, we will display the hash value of the genesis block and the hash value of the 2nd block. The Java application is proposed to be used in teaching space surroundings by mentors when they demonstrate preliminary Blockchain progresses, which is the main objective of this research paper.

Keywords:  Block, Blockchain, Hash, Java, Security

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.124188

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