Abstract: Blockchain technology has seen adoption in numerous ventures and most overwhelmingly in money using digital currencies. Be that as it may, the technology is capable of working successfully in cybersecurity. Here we have referred to several blockchain related research papers. It found that most of their researchers are focusing on the appropriation of Blockchain to ensure IoT (Internet of Things) gadgets, systems, and information. The paper inspected the ways featured by past scientists through which Blockchain can manage the cost of security to the three hazardous areas in IT. In conclusion, the paper prescribed that future researchers center around a solitary Blockchain on which to create cyber security applications to take into consideration combination and consistency among arrangements.

Keywords: Cyber, Security, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Consensus, Hash, Cloud, Cloudcomputing, Mining, Ledger, Decentralized, E-wallet

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.91013

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