Abstract: Blood is an emergency need for some situations. The problem is to find right donor at the right time is very difficult task in emergency situation. We want to build an application of donor who can help each other during an emergency. This application timely updates the information respect the donors where the decision maker accesses the entire information about blood bank system. Donor will be prompted to enter an individual's details, like name, phone number, and blood group. In the urgent need of a blood requirement, you can quickly check for blood banks or hospitals matching a particular or related blood group and reach out to them through the App using geofencing and filtering technique. Blood bank details displayed on the user screen to select proper requirement to user. If blood is unavailable at blood bank then user search for donors nearby area. A large number of blood donors are draw in using an Android application. Since almost everyone conveyance a mobile phone with him, it ensures present location tracking and communication. Only a registered person, with disposition to donate blood, will be able to access the service. In this application we are using the GPS technology that will be used to trace the way to the blood bank. The user will get the route to reach the desired location and he won't have to ask manually, therefore time can be saved.

Keywords: Data mining, Cloud, HTTP server, MySQL database, GPS, Geofencing

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9106

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