Abstract: One of the most complex creation of the universe is a Human Brain.  A human being is known for efficiently using his brain.  The human intelligence can be stored in a virtual brain which is widely known as "Blue Brain". That means machines can also replace human brains. The main motto is that, the ultimate source of information and innovation must be preserved. Clearly speaking, a normal human being will not be alive forever but the knowledge of the brain should be used even after his death. The main goal of neuroscience is understanding the biologically related mechanisms that are responsible for mental activity of human brain. In focus, the study of cerebral cortex is the most challenging task for science in near future. Presently scientists are researching to create an artificial brain that can accomplish the tasks like thinking, responding, taking up decisions and keeping everything in memory. So that after a human's death the virtualized brain contains his intelligence, knowledge, personalities, feelings and memories of that man which can be used for developing the society.

Keywords: Blue Brain Project (BBP), Cerebral cortex, Neuron, Blue Gene.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9512

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