Abstract— Nearly 70% of the population in India depends on agriculture. Therefore, India's agricultural system needs to be improved to lessen the burden on farmers. In the agricultural sector, numerous operations are carried out, such as seeding, weeding, cutting down waste plants, and ploughing. Plant cutting and seeding are very basic but important operations. However, there are issues with the current plant-cutting, plowing, and sowing techniques. The tools used for seed planting are quite cumbersome and difficult to operate. Therefore, it is necessary to create machinery that will lessen the work required from farmers. This method includes a control mechanism that seeks to scatter seeds while sowing at a specific location with a set spacing between two seeds and lines. With the help of this automated system, the shortcomings of the current system will be successfully eliminated.

 Keywords— Microcontroller (Renesas 64 Bit), Ultrasonic Sensor, L293, Four Wheels, Relay.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12554

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