Abstract: BookSwap is an online book exchange system which is used to exchange books and one can buy new books at a particular discount. In some cases, books are expensive and parents can’t afford new books. So, considering the problems, from the new emerging technologies we have chosen a web development domain to create a website which will be useful for the underprivileged as well as for the ordinary masses. The ‘BookSwap’ website would be an online platform where one can buy new books at reasonable prices with the exchange of pre-owned books if any. This platform would also provide the facility to acquire second-hand books at decent prices to the book lovers who cannot afford new books. The website has certain requirements for exchanging pre owned books.User’s pre-owned books should not be older than two years and can be directly purchased if the user is purchasing any fresh book from BookSwap. The adequate value in money for the pre-owned books will be given according to the condition of the book at the time of purchase. If the book is in good condition we will offer half of the original price of the book. If the book is in average condition then 40% of the original price of the book.If the book is in poor condition then one third of the original price of the book is offered.

Keywords: Book swapping, Book recommendation, Ecommerce, Online book system

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11321

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