Abstract: In today’s cyber attacks and cyber crimes world Botnet is the severe threat which occurs usually. Botnet are intended to perform predefined functions in an automated fashion, where these malicious actions ranges from online searching of data, accessing lists, moving files sharing channel information to DDoS attacks not in favor of critical targets, phishing. Various types of techniques and approaches have been projected for detection, mitigation and preventation to Botnet attack. This paper discusses in detail about Botnet and related research including Botnet evolution, life-cycle, command and control models, communication protocols, Botnet detection etc. Also an general idea of research on Botnets which describe the possible attacks performed by various types of Botnet communication technologies in future.

Keywords: Bot; Botnet; C&C mechanism; communication protocols; honeynet; passive traffic; attacks; defense; preventaation

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.107103

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