Abstract: Brain excrescence is the growth of abnormal cells in brain some of which may leads to cancer. The usual  system to  descry brain excrescence is glamorous Resonance Imaging( MRI)  reviews. From the MRI images information about the abnormal towel growth in the brain is  linked. In  colorful  exploration papers, the discovery of brain excrescence is done by applying Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms. When these algorithms are applied on the MRI images the  vaticination of brain excrescence is done  veritably  presto and a advanced  delicacy helps in  furnishing the treatment to the cases. These  vaticination also helps the radiologist in making quick  opinions. In the proposed work, a  tone- defined Artificial Neural Network( ANN) and complication Neural Network( CNN) is applied in detecting the presence of brain excrescence and their performance is anatomized.

Keywords: Image Segmentation; Support Vector Machine; Self-Organized Mapping; MRI

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.125117

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