Abstract: An investment is a procurement or object acquired with the hopes of earning money or appreciating in long term value. An expenditure, in financial perspective, is the acquisition of products that will not be devoured presently but will be utilized to build profits in the coming years. An investment is a various financial commodity acquired with the expectation that it will generate revenue or grow in value and be transferred at a better future point in time. The term investment focuses on the current dedication of finances with the expectation of a favorable percentage of return in the future. Today’s political investing options are quite diverse. To achieve their objectives, businesses rely heavily on seed capital. That was also the stage where entrepreneurs make meaningful investments that will be essential as the firm expands. There is a lack of effective study into the process of suggesting investments that are accurate and precise for the investors. For this purpose, a number of investment related works have been analyzed in this approach to achieve an effective and useful mechanism for investment related suggestion using deep learning which will be elaborated in the upcoming editions of this research.

Keywords: K Nearest Neighbors, Linear Regression, Artificial Neural Networks, and Fuzzy Classification.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.114133

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