Abstract: Brain cancer develops because of unusual cell growth within the brain.  Brain Cancer generally classified into two  types  benign  and  malignant  tumours. Malignant Cancer are fast growing cancerous tissues. Benign are slow growing, stagnant cancerous Cancer. Most of the cancer are life threatening, brain tumour being one among them.    Primary brain cancer originates in the brain. In the Secondary type of brain cancer the tumor expansion into the brain results from other parts of the body.  Imaging brain cancer with more accuracy plays pivotal role in the diagnosis of tumours. It involves high resolution techniques like MRI , CT ,PET etc. MRI is a important mean for studying the body’s visceral  structures .  MRI  is  widely  used because it gives better quality images of the brain and cancerous  tissues  compared  with  the  other  medical imaging  techniques  such  as  X-Ray  or  Computed Tomography  (CT).  In this proposed system we are creating python application for detection of brain cancer base on three step.1. Classification of MRI image to determining the brain cancer base on type.2.Prevention that should be taken to overcome this deadly disease.3.Care that should be taken by normal people to save themselves from brain cancer.

Keywords: Brain cancer, CNN ,OPENCV, Prevention, Classification, Care

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8312

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