Abstract: Brain tumor, which is one of the most common brain diseases, has affected and devastated many lives. The statistical reports shows low survival rate of brain tumor patients although brain tumor diseases has been the centre of attention of thousands of researchers over several decades, around the world. In the recent years, researchers from different disciplines ranging from medical to mathematical and computer sciences have combined their knowledge and efforts for better understanding of the disease and to find more effective treatments The proposed   algorithm of particle swarm optimization is an evolutionary computational model and is   Particle Swarm Optimization belongs to the class of swarm intelligent techniques that are used to solve the Optimization problem in real life. Fragmentation, detection and extraction of the infected tumor region of MRI are the main concern, but arduous task and time taken by radiologist, depends on their experience only

Keywords: MRI, X-rays, PSO, Segmentation

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8206

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