Abstract: The new era of 5G will bring together improves connectivity of the devices and sensors. The centralized database to take care of all the transactions carried out in the depot. Based on the architecture of depot, is required to design a suitable database to manage all the records and it is easy to use the interface with all validation rules have to be design, nowadays security systems are more advanced can be implemented. A centralized database has developed to monitor the transaction of the depots. Each depot activities has to manage by respective divisional manager. Depot manager can able to view all the depots activities in fingertips. It is an android application developed to provide the smart interaction between the employees about transactions carried out at the bus depot. The details of the bus such as bus route, bus spares, maintained washing facilities, bus parking area, bus refuelling, internal cleaning, and supply of the buses with pressurized air, arrival and departed of buses from depot. The daily revenue collect from each buses is maintain along with drivers and conductors through an application. The target use of this application is to avoid malpractices and paper-pen concept. So, helps employees of bus depot to get required advantages and information on few clicks.

Keywords: Depot, Ledger, Manual entries, Database, Devices and Sensors, Digitalization

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9503

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