Abstract: This project delivers an actual solution for managing bus pass information using a database. The app has three login for user, admin and conductor. This system offers web application as well as android application for people to get their Bus passes online. This system is helpful for users to get their bus pass online instead of standing in long line to obtain their bus passes. This system is helpful to reduce the paper work; time utilization and user get the bus pass in simple and faster way. User can again fill their account and extend the validity of card when the pass is going to expire. This system provides functionality like accessing basic information of user for and provide verification bus pass for the user without placing them in long queues. This system provides security option for user. The conductor in bus would be able to authenticate the pass by scanning the QR code provided by the passenger with a suggested device. The notification generated by the system would be send to the user in form of message such as when where and what time the card was use. This system also provides online payment facility.

Index Terms: Android Mobile, QR Code, Privacy, Authentication, Online Payment, Client and Server.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12414

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