Abstract: In the organizations, managing the sales and client’s information plays a key role so for managing that information we are going to develop a Sales Aid and Management Portal. Sale's Management portal is used to manage all the products and the services sales details and customer details in the organization. By using this portal, the sales information in the organization can be managed easily and in a secure way. This web portal is very scalable and can be used for small and also for large organizations. With this portal admin can see the agent’s progress and can also share the important messages with the agents. This portal is also used by the agents to save and manage all clients and prospect details. Agents can also manage the client’s general information, contact, opportunities, proposals, and projects details. This Sales Aid portal is specifically for the company which provides insurances such as TATA AIA, IDFC, BajajAllianz, and other similar companies. This portal helps them managing the middle party who sells their insurances to the client. There are different modules in this portal they are Agent module, Admin Module, and Customer Module. These three modules are used by three different persons. Admin module is for admin who provides access to the insurances to the agents and after that, agents shares details of these insurances to the clients.

Keywords: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11452

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