ABSTRACT: The project “Centralization online portal for head of the department.” help to head of the department to list out all the information of departments including students details & performance and staff details & performance. Head of the department have the privileges to assign and remove class-in charge, and also attendance in charges. The project implements RDBMS (stored in multiple tables) and normalization with primary, the projects run in Cloud Linux server for using lakh’s users with centralization of data. The projects run’s in both online and offline mode, no additional software to be installed in client systems, runs in any type of browsers. This is a web-oriented application allows us to access the whole information about the college, staffs, students, facilities etc. This application provides a virtual tour of Campus. Here we will get the latest information about the students and staffs. This generic application designed for assisting the students of an institute regarding information on the courses, subjects, classes, assignments, grades and timetable. It also provides support that a faculty can also check about his daily schedule, can upload assignments, and notices to the students.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.101211

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