Abstract: In this review study, the examination of battery charging and discharging focuses on methods to improve battery performance. Overcharging, undercharging, temperature regulation, and safety concerns are only a few of the challenges associated with battery charging that are discussed. The advantages, disadvantages, and applicability of various charging techniques for various battery chemistries are assessed. The effectiveness of the battery and the system as a whole is assessed in respect to various discharge techniques, and discharge-related difficulties are noted. Improvements in the charging and discharging processes are investigated, as well as battery integration with grid interactions and renewable energy sources. Overall, this assessment provides insightful data on the charging and discharging state of batteries and makes recommendations for enhancing battery performance across a range of applications.

Keywords: Battery charging, Battery discharging, state of charge (SoC), state of health (SoH), battery status parameter, charging techniques, discharging strategies, battery monitoring, energy management, renewable energy integration, battery performance optimization.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.126116

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