Abstract: - The "Child Rescue System From Open Borewells Using Flap Folding Mechanism" Is An Innovative Approach To Rescue children who have fallen into an open borewell. Open borewells are a significant hazard in many regions, and children are particularly vulnerable to falling into them. The proposed system includes a mechanism that can fold flaps and rescue the child safely.

The system comprises a motor, a gearbox, a chain drive, a winch, and a folding flap mechanism. The motor and gearbox are mounted on a frame that is placed on the borewell's mouth. The chain drive is connected to the motor, and it drives the winch. The winch is attached to a rope, which is lowered into the borewell. The folding flap mechanism is designed to fit the diameter of the borewell. When a child falls into the borewell, the mechanism is activated, and the flaps fold up. The winch then pulls the rope, along with the child, to the surface. The system is controlled by a remote control, which can operate the motor and winch. It can also control the folding flap mechanism.

Overall, the "Child Rescue System from Open Borewells using Flap Folding Mechanism" is an innovative and potentially life-saving technology. It can rescue children who fall into open borewells safely and quickly, without endangering the rescuers.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.125209

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