Abstract: These days, expanding number of shrewd administrations are being produced and sent in urban areas around the globe. IoT stages have developed to incorporate savvy city administrations and city assets, and in this way enhance city execution in the areas of transportation, crisis, condition, open security, and so on. In spite of the expanding insight of brilliant administrations and the modernity of stages, the wellbeing issues in shrewd urban communities are not tended to enough, particularly the wellbeing issues emerging from the coordination of keen administrations. Along these lines, CityGuard, a wellbeing mindful guard dog design is created. To the best of our insight, it is the primary design that recognizes and settle clashes among activities of different administrations thinking about both wellbeing and execution necessities. Before creating CityGuard, wellbeing and execution prerequisites and a range of contentions are indicated. Advanced models are utilized to examine optional impacts, and recognize gadget and ecological clashes. A recreation dependent on New York City is utilized for the assessment. .e results demonstrate that CityGuard (i) recognizes risky activities and accordingly keeps the city from security perils, (ii) identifies and settle two noteworthy kinds of contentions, i.e., gadget and ecological conflicts, and (iii) enhances the general city execution.

Keywords: City Safety, City Simulation, Smart City, CityGuard, Conflict Detection

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