Abstract: Phishing is a considerable problem differs from the other security threats such as intrusions and Malware which are based on the technical security holes of the network systems. The weakness point of any network system is its Users. Phishing attacks are targeting these users depending on the trikes of social engineering. Despite there are several ways to carry out these attacks, unfortunately the current phishing detection techniques cover some attack vectors like email and fake websites. Therefore, building a specific limited scope detection system will not provide complete protection from the wide phishing attack vectors. This paper develops detection system with a wide protection scope using URL features only which is relying on the fact that users directly deal with URLs to surf the internet and provides a good approach to detect malicious URLs as proved by previous studies. Additionally, Anti-phishing solutions can be positioned at different levels of attack flow where most researchers are focusing on client-side solutions which turn to add more processing overhead at the client side and lead to losing the trust and satisfaction of the users. Nowadays many organizations make centralized protection of spam filtering. This paper proposes a system which can be integrated into such process in order to increase the detection performance in a real time.

Keywords: Phishing, security threats, URLs, websites

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11760

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