Abstract: The quick height in innovation has made information in plenty which has both required just as undesirable. So as to truncate the undesirable information and order, plentiful of data mining methods has been actualized. The primary objective of information mining is to gather, pre-process and order the information dependent on specific highlights of soil, for ex, PH, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Carbon percent of soil and foresee the harvests developed for the particular soil type. The application provides a deep insight of the behaviour of the soil in a particular region. It provides a feature extraction method to sort the data set according to the users need and thereby determining the necessary values of certain attributes. The decision makers can easily focus on the content they are interested on under certain context in the sub-classifications by grouping the attributes. Information from different nations are assembled and broke down and were determined based predefined Fuzzy Rules which has returned the precise and recall as result at the end of an output.

Keywords: Data Mining, PH, Nitrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, Fuzzy Rule, Precise, Recall

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8626

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