Abstract: The increasing volume of data generated by various sources necessitates the development of efficient data warehousing solutions for effective data processing and reporting. This paper presents the design, development, and performance evaluation of a cloud-based data warehousing solution aimed at addressing these challenges. The solution leverages cloud computing technologies, including AWS services, to provide scalable and reliable data storage, management, and analysis capabilities.

The paper discusses the key architectural components of the solution, including data ingestion, integration, transformation, and reporting modules. It highlights the use of AWS services such as S3, Lambda, Step Functions, and CloudWatch in enabling seamless data processing workflows. The implementation follows agile methodologies, ensuring iterative development, frequent testing, and user feedback incorporation.

Performance evaluation of the solution demonstrates its efficiency in handling large volumes of data, delivering fast response times, and maintaining high data quality and consistency. The evaluation includes metrics such as data processing speed, query performance, and system scalability.

Keywords: Cloud-based data warehousing, Data processing, Reporting, Scalability, AWS services, Data integration

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12653

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