Abstract: The project entitled “Cloud based E-Ticketing for MTC buses” is aimed at developing bus e-ticket account to register and purchase e-ticket to avoid direct contact with people. The people who are in need of bus e-ticket can apply through online system. They must provide the basic information necessary for creating an account to get register in the site. The admin approves the application of the person. When they required to purchase an e-ticket they need to select the bus using unique ID(TN 14 XXXX). The public is also allowed to block or deactivate their account if necessary. Thus the project saves time for the public need not wait to get the bus ticket. Steps involved in maintaining the user /client information in the database. After registering, the user can login by entering the username and password. If the password doesn’t match with the password in the database an error message is displayed. If the user wants to change their password they have to provide the current password and new password to confirm his/her password. The password is in the encrypted form in. After login, user has to apply for the form by providing necessary details to get the e-ticket. The admin can check the received applications, verify and then issue the pass. Depending upon the criteria specified, the fixed amount will be deducted from users account when the submit button is clicked. There is a need of reformation of the existing bus ticketing system in this pandemic period we need a contactless e-ticket system with more advantages and flexibility. The main objective of this project is making the entire bus e-ticket process in cloud based system.. The core objective is to integrate the process in the cloud.


PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10759

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