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Abstract: Use of Cloud computing technology in agricultural areas has larger probability within the overall development of Asian nation. Encouraging in agriculture sector is an effective implementation of cloud computing. Cloud Computing is emerging these days as a billboard infrastructure that eliminates the necessity for maintaining costly computing hardware, software, info technology, staff, infrastructure, recourses and their maintenance. Cloud computing could be a network-based surroundings that focuses on sharing computations, Cloud computing networks access to a shared pool of configurable networks, servers, storage, service, applications & alternative vital computing resources. In era of cloud computing technology terribly useful for centralized the allagricultural connected knowledge bank (Soil-related, weather, Research, Crop, Farmers, Agriculture promoting, fertilizers and chemical information) within the cloud. during this paper, conjointly discuss Computing model, characteristics, deployment model, cloud service model, cloud edges and challenge of cloud computing in agriculture field.

Keywords: : Cloud computing, Community model, Hybrid model, Public model, personal model, Agriculture, IaaS.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10712

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