Abstract: In this research paper as the title stated Cloud Computing Based on Predictive Acknowledgement System in which Cloud computing is operated to moderate Traffic. We have introduced PACK (Predictive Acknowledgement) which automatic Traffic Redundancy Elimination System (TRE), acquired from Cloud Computing customers. By using this Cloud Computing Based TRE use of reduction of the price in combination with the extra price of TRE Computation and storage will be improved. Cloud Computing Based on Predictive Acknowledgement has the advantage of its competency to reduce the load of the Cloud server. So that we have to Improve the Server productivity and minimize the amount of workload. To analyse prediction for Cloud users, the data transfer cost is a valuable issue when we have to minimize the costs consequently, by applying a well-judged use of cloud resources, cloud customers are motivated to use various TRE Systems, in Traffic Redundancy Elimination System (TRE). We recommend in this research new Calculations for the Lightweight Chunking Scheme. Lightweight Chunking Scheme is a fresh substitute for Rabin fingerprinting used in Traffic Redundancy Elimination System (TRE) . . So that we can So that I can develop the server efficiency and reduce the workload. This system can be applied in a very large area. Finally, we concluded Prediction Acknowledgement benefits for cloud users using traffic traces from various sources

Keywords: Traffic Redundancy Elimination, Cloud computing, Predictive Acknowledgement, Network Optimizing

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11317

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