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Abstract:  With the quick expansion of Cloud computing, more and more users place their data and application on the cloud. But the growth of Cloud computing is stuck by many Cloud security problem The development of the cloud system, large number of vendors can visit their users in the same platform directing their focus on the software rather than the underlying framework. This necessity requires the distribution, storage and analysis of the data on cloud for accessing virtualized and scalable web services. Access control policy can selectively restrict access to sensitive information stored by third-party sites on the Internet. Attribute-based encryption (ABE) schemes can strengthen the effective combination of flexibility and operability of access policy mechanism. Therefore, this survey paper is demonstrating secure mutual authentication for public cloud data and the need to prepare security solution using a strong cryptographic approach.

Keywords:  Cloud Computing, Access Control, Mutual Trust, Attribute based Encryption, Cryptography Authentication.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.758

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