Abstract: In current era of technology, Health record monitoring and treating the patients on-time has gained wide range of scope. Utilizing the blockchain technology, is has gained significant attention to enable remote patient monitoring. Rapid development of Healthcare 4.0 using Cloud Computing to access medical records and operations remotely has gained deliberation from the technical community from a smart city perspective. As Healthcare 4.0 enhances the healthcare experience, it successfully improves the quality, flexibility, productivity, cost-effectiveness, and dependability of healthcare services. The Internet of Health Things, medical Cyber-Physical Systems, health cloud, health fog, big data analytics, machine learning, blockchain, and smart algorithms are all integrated and used. Storing, accessing, managing these healthcare sensitive data is very important. Hence there is a need for a platform that enables to achieve secure medical data storage, sharing, and accessing. Our work mainly concentrates on the modules that are utilized to provide the treatment and maintain health record of a patient in a timely and reliable manner by the healthcare professionals using blockchain technology.

Keywords: Healthcare, blockchain, managing, flexibility, health record

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11661

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