Abstract: -Our colleges have a large number of students who pay all the college fees through cash deposits, electronic funds transfer or bank drafts to the college accounts in specific bank branches. These methods of paying fees have not been efficient enough especially during periods of tests and examinations when most of the students are paying fees to meet the requirements for entering examination rooms. The process of paying fees is characterized by long queues, too much waiting by students and congestion at banks where payments are made. This has always resulted in students missing to sit for their tests and/or examinations while they are queuing to make payments. It was upon such background that the researchers embarked on the project to develop of an alternative system that enables online fees payment by students and their sponsors. With the use of questionnaires, interviews, observation and document reviews, data was collected from project stakeholders and analysed. Data flow diagrams and Entity relationship diagrams were used to accomplish system analysis and design. The system was implemented using PHP, MySQL database server, Hypertext Pre-processor, Hypertext markup language, Cascading style sheets and JavaScript. System testing and validation was also done by allowing users of the system interact with it using test data. Findings showed that most of the students were unsatisfied with the current modes of paying fees to the university and agree that an online fees payment system can improve the process of fees payment. The result of the project was an online fees payment system for our college and researchers recommend the college to implement the system that provides relief of the long-endured problems of the current modes of payment at the colleges.

Keywords: - System Administration, Online Fees Payment, Educational Institutes, Graphical User Interface

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10442

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