Abstract: College Management System provides a complete solution for your college administration. Student Information, Online Results, Quotation Paper, Online Attendants are the main modules of our College Management System. Dynamic and highly motivated, with a liberal & modern outlook on education and organization and a contemporary vision and working style, Educational Management are trying to Incorporate modern concepts, amenities & system to create a forward and vibrant institute, comparable with best & most modern in country. Educational Management Would is able to manage student personal information, Education statistic and highlight achievement and awards. Fee collection of the students is a cumbersome task and there would be a system in place to monitor the fee collection and report to the account department on regular basis. Finally account department to manage, monitor and generate all account detail during the operation of educational management. CMS is a comprehensive system that addresses all functional requirements that can be implementing in operator of college management. Below module, which scope the entire operational requirement of any College Management System.

Keywords: Online Results, Quotation Paper, Online Attendants

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.115135

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