Abstract: In today’s life cloud, computing plays important role for the computing environment for reducing the cost of the computational cost and resources cost of the computing methods such as to storing the data and using the computing resources. It enables the use of the inter cloud communication for accessing the various information or data from different cloud. Inter cloud or multi cloud is term related to cloud of cloud, which provides the huge amount of data within the same cloud by adding the different cloud within single cloud. This method provides the service availability, storage of data and services within the same unit. Which provide the security to the whole data within the cloud by using the third-party auditing method, which requires applying the encryption key on data only one time, which can reduce the attacks on the cloud data? This paper also introduces the new method of multi cloud storage technique to store the data on the different small cloud within the system, which allows reducing the redundancy of data within the cloud.

Key Terms: Cloud Computing, Cloud Services, DepSky

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.111137

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