Abstract: This work includes the analysis and design of the floating column and non floating column structures by using software ETABS-2015 and compares the result with STAAD-Pro v8i Software. In today’s jet age, we have a host of construction techniques at our disposal. Steel structures, R.C.C. structures, Core and hull type of structure (combination of steel & R.C.C construction). At times this choice available leads to confusion. The best way is to select the type of construction, depending on the circumstances and type of structure.Load transfer path has a great importance in case of structural stability in very major earthquake. The load distribution on the floating columns and the various effects due to it is also been studied in the paper. The importance and effects due to line of action of force is also studied. In this paper we are dealing with the comparative study of seismic analysis of multi-storied building with and without floating columns

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12604

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