Abstract: Cloud computing is a distributed environment that encompasses thousands of computers that work in parallel to perform a task in lesser time than the traditional computing models. Recently there are many emerging cloud platforms to choose for run, deploy and maintain applications, offering a variety of services and tools at the disposal of a user, Clouds bring out a wide range of benefits including configurable computing resources, economic savings, and service flexibility. Cloud users are faced with the dilemma of selecting a suitable platform that meets their specifications. The aim of this paper is to compare three most widely adopted cloud platforms, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft windows azure and Google app engine based on some commonly shared features such as security, storage, Artificial intelligent and Networking to guide customers in selecting a suitable cloud platform. A cloud computing based services also face such kinds of security issues where applications deployed on cloud can face same kind of attacks as that on client-server model. The research method use for this paper was comparative method, primary and secondary data were use as instrument for collecting data. The result of the comparison concluded that AWS fits the needs of large companies due to their vast global reach. This paper is beneficial for potential users such as small mid-size enterprises, start-up developers and large companies for selecting a cloud platform that meets their requirements.

Keywords: Data Security, Artificial intelligence, Storage, Networking

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11913

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