Abstract: Writing a code for software is getting easier day by day. New programming languages are being developed to let developers easily build apps for the customer in a easy way and let them provide the all the specifications or the needs given by the customer without any hassle the biggest example of this is python it is develop to be language uses function named same as English language which would help others to understand this language easily. But for doing such hardcore coding we need our base proper that is the developer’s basics should be clear he should know the basic of programming such as if-else, functions, class. So, this software is basically for the new developers learning the programming to let them understand programming in a better way. The basic programming languages which are C, C++, Java are the core of programming if a person knows these languages well then, he can learn any other easily and the compiler of these languages don’t show the exact error when it occurs so this software helps to clearly identify the error and understand the reason to not to repeat

Keywords: C, C++, Python, Functions, Class

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9203

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