Abstract: In the rising edge of technology everyday new technologies have been coming in the market, but with the new technologies it becomes difficult to use the older ones. Image is one of the very important things in day-to-day life as it makes visualizing the things very easy also it become easy to store our memories. But viewing the same image on different devices is not easy as of now every device has different size and aspect ratio and resolution so that image may look different on different device. So, to handle this scene we have to resize our image but the traditional ways of image resizing such as cropping, scaling etc. can lead to loss of important content, distortion of image. To overcome these deficiencies seam carving is the best method to resize the image. It is a retargeting method which considers the images in a semantic manner for resizing to bring them to target aspect ratio. The change in the final resized image is trivial to the human eye and the final image will look very similar to the original one. Also using seam carving image enlarging, object removing is possible.

Keywords : Image retargeting, seam carving, image processing, content-aware image resizing.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.115186

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