Abstract: Data, is the statistics and facts collected together for reference or analysis. The available data forms like numbers or text, and as facts stored in an individual's mind, or as bits stored in electronic system. Text is the most the basic portrayal of information. Natural Language processing is the emerging field in computer science and text classification is the process of assigning tag or label to the text. It is one of the fundamental task in NLP with many applications such as topic detection, intent detection, sentiment analysis, etc. Text classification can be done based on the different aspects, on which different works have been done. In this work, a novel context aware text classification system has been proposed which is built using a keyword extractor. The keyword extraction is the process of extracting relevant words or phrases from the text. Keyword extraction helps to find out the sense of the important words present in the text, and which subjects are being discussed. The extraction of the keyword is based on semantic knowledge which is available in taxonomies. These keywords are used for classification which is built using deep learning. The results show that the generated result is meaningful and context dependant in most of the cases.

Keywords: Keywords, Taxonomy, Pagerank.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9644

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