Abstract: This paper proposed that the way of controlling the cursor with our hands without using the electronic device. The operation performed like clicking dragging removing deleting will be preformed by the different hand gestures and sign. This system needs only a webcam as input device  which will control the system of gesture and the software which is required to implement this system is OpenCV and python. The camera output will be displayed on the operating system screen so that it can be further calibrated by the user. And it also perform the file transfer between the two system which are connected to a same and single network the system uses nothing more only the low resolution webcam which will act as sensor and able to track the user hand bearing color caps into the two dimension the hand gesture is a natural way of communication and also the transferring file scheme will be implemented by using the python server.

Keyword: OpenCV, Hand gesture , Image capture, Masking

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.125248

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