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Abstract: The project is based on safety measures of vehicles. It is inspired by the daily observation during a drive related to the accidents caused around us or sometimes even with us. With increase in number of vehicles comes increase in number of road accidents, though the automobile sector have achieved a huge margin on reducing the number of accidents by advancing the safety systems in the vehicles still some sections of the vehicle lack in advancement. This sections include headlight modes, rear view mirror and in some parts parking system, even though parallel parking does not lead to any major accident but it Is observed that people face difficulty in parallel parking and hence end up crashing the vehicle and also parking in ‘No Parking’ spaces. When it comes to headlight and rear view mirror, during a night drive due to improper use of the headlight modes by the driver many accidents have been observed in the past which even resulted into deaths in many cases. For the rear view mirror, it is observed due to lack of attention of the driver and also due to blind spots many accidents have been observed while overtaking or while changing the lanes. To overcome all these issues a Convenient Driving System has been introduced which will surely contribute in easy drive and reducing the number of casualties during accidents. The circuit, working and need of the system is briefly discussed in this paper.

Keywords:  Microcontroller, Servo Motor, DC Motor, Ultrasonic Sensor, Light Dependent Resistor, Bluetooth Module, LED, etc.


PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.91102

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