Abstract: In this growing age of the Technology, every hand has smartphone or another device. A study shows that number of smartphone users in India was estimated to reach over 760 million in 2021, with the number of smartphone users worldwide forecasted to exceed to 3.8 billion users in 2021. Many Development process of software also increased. Due to lot of availability of different devices there is need to develop a single source code programming language or SDK which covers all aspects of all different devices for application development. Keeping all this in mind Google have developed a software Develop Tool kit called Flutter which is a cross-platform application development toolkit. Flutter is an open-source SDK for developing high-performance and more reliable mobile applications for operating systems like iOS and Android. AOT compilation (Ahead-of-time compilation) compiles a high-level programming language such as C or C++, or an intermediary representation such as Java bytecode or .NET Framework Common Intermediate Language (CIL) code, into native system-dependent machine code so that the subsequent binary file can execute natively. During Experimenting and debugging process it provides hot reload. This feature is unique in Flutter. Hot reload works by inserting updated source code files into the running Dart Virtual Machine (VM). After the VM updates classes with the new versions of fields and functions, the Flutter framework automatically reconstructs the widget tree, permitting you to rapidly view the special effects of your changes.

Keywords: Android, iOS, Flutter, Dart, Cross-Platform Mobile application development, SDK

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10467

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