Abstract: Creative Functionalized Bricks with Embedded Intelligence (FBEI), using custom-made LEGO-compatible bricks containing electronic circuits & sensors based on new micro & nano technologies, spark the interest of learners with different backgrounds and preparation levels from kindergarten to Ph.D. FBEI modules are based on a concept called TASEM (technology assisted science, engineering and mathematics) developed during 2000 - 2010. Doctoral students, involved in cutting-edge micro and nano research, interacted with K-12 students and teachers to develop TASEM. TASEM led to unique FBEIs covering a large number of learning areas including energy, power sources, math, Si crystals, computer switches, sensors and miniaturization, micro and nano concepts, technology assisted dancing, psychology, cognitive training, cancer education, microsystem fabrication, system integration, biomedical, and computer science. By allowing user-designs, FBEIs focus on research-oriented and entrepreneurial learning. Over 100 FBEI learning modules were developed benefiting over 2,500 learners nationally and globally.

Keywords: K-12 modules, micro and nano technologies, STEM education

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9605

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