Abstract: Crime is one of the most predominant and alarming aspects of our society and its prevention is a vital task. Crime analysis is a systematic way of detecting and investigating patterns and trends in crime. Thus, it seems necessary to study the reasons, factors and relations between the occurrence of different crimes and finding the most appropriate ways to control and avoid more crimes. Our System focuses on finding spatial and temporal criminal hotspots. We will make cluster analysis by using the k-means cluster algorithm on the criminal dataset of India. The cluster input is used to create a custom India map with the cluster zones of states. To cluster the crime activities based on some predefined cases and the results of these clustering are compared to find the best suitable clustering algorithm for crime detection. Our System aims to raise people’s awareness regarding the dangerous locations and to help agencies to predict future crimes in a specific location within a particular time [1].

Keywords: Clustering, Crime Analysis, Data mining, Hot Spot detection

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.115102

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