Abstract: Crime is one of the serious issues in our society. It is the most predominant aspect of our society. It is also predominant in society. So, the prevention of crime is one of the important tasks. The crime analysis should be in a systematic way. As the analysis makes it important in the detecting and prevention of crime. The analysis detects the investigating patterns and helps in the detection of trends in crime. The main of this paper is the analysis of the efficiency of the crime investigation. The model is designed for the detection of crime patterns from inferences. The inferences are collected from the crime scene and these inferences, the paper demonstrates the prediction of the perpetrator. The paper gives the research way for the prediction of perpetrator age and gender. This paper gives two major aspects of crime prediction. One is perpetrator gender and the other is perpetrator age. The parameters used are analysis of the various factors like the year, month, and weapon used in the unsolved crimes. The analysis part identifies the number of unsolved crimes. The prediction task involves the description of the perpetrator’s age, sex, and relationship with the victim. The dataset used in this paper is taken from the Kaggle. The system predicts the output using multi-linear regression, K-Neighbor’s classifier, and neural networks. It was trained and tested using a machine learning approach.

Keywords: Crime Prediction, KNN, Decision Tree. Multilinear Regression; K-Neighbors Classifier, Artificial Neural Networks.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10537

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